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Descartes for Logistics Service Providers

A Solid Foundation for Growth, Automation, Digital Transformation and More

We can help logistics service providers transform their operations and differentiate their service offerings, with our capabilities for connectivity, ecommerce fulfillment, shipping, and home delivery.

Our Ecommerce Solution Overview

Featured Solutions

B2B Connectivity & Channel Integration

Easily connect customers to fulfilment capabilities
Descartes Global Logistics Network™ and preset integration to over 70 leading ecommerce channels enables you to exchange orders, shipments, and tracking data in real-time.

Advanced Warehouse Management

Win business with sophisticated ecommerce fulfillment capabilities
Intelligent, automated and integrated warehouse and stock management enable you to optimize the flow of information and inventory to efficiently pick, pack, and ship.

Optimized Shipping

Streamlined shipping and visibility regardless of mode, carrier or scale
Our solutions optimize shipping and adapt to your needs, no matter where you ship, the number of carriers you work with, carts and marketplaces you integrate to, or volume of orders.

Home Delivery

Dynamic online appointment booking through proof of delivery
Enable your customers to offer a highly differentiated experience during the buying process with optimized choices for delivery times and valued-added services.

International Ecommerce

Help Your Customers Grow Internationally
Offer value-added services to simplify the complexities of international ecommerce including denied party screening, customs compliance, product classification and valuation services, and more.

Get Started

Contact us to how to get started with Descartes solutions
Descartes technology can help logistics service providers tap the growth potential of ecommerce. Ask us how you can effectively win customers, reach new markets, and boost revenue potential with our world-class solutions.

Benefits For Logistics Service Providers

Effectively win business and run world-class ecommerce operations

We can help you digitally transform your operations to replace manual, inefficient processes with the agile, responsive and efficient systems your customers demand.

Collapse time-to-market

Our off-the-shelf solutions are rapid to deploy, modular, and offer robust capabilities to meet your requirements now and scale as you grow.

Differentiate your ecommerce service offering to attract and retain more customers

Stand out and deliver more strategic value with proven solutions designed to help your clients enhance their ability to sell and deliver in ways that drive consumer loyalty.

Offering international Ecommerce Services – Layering-on the Value Add to Drive up Profits!

From classification, valuation, to denied party screening, diversify service offerings to improve revenue

See how customers succeed with Descartes Ecommerce solutions

Seamlessly up sell value-added services with delivery choice

John Lewis Partnerships

Increased delivery capacity

Ecommerce Has Grown Into a Major Business Pillar

B+S Logistik

of our business is now B2C ecommerce & combination B2B/B2C commerce

Flexibly keeping pace with seasonal shipping peaks


$600k+ Savings per year though efficient processes

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