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What You’ll Learn
Amazon has revolutionized customer expectations. Consumers now expect insight, visibility, and communication. Meeting these expectations can only be achieved through excellence in the warehouse and shipping best practices.

Join us for an interactive web seminar as logistics experts Troy Graham and Johannes Panzer reveal real world examples and practical techniques to pick, pack, and ship like Amazon.

The web seminar will reveal in an easy-to-understand format the hidden secrets that every online retailer and logistics service provider needs to run world-class operations!

Key Focus Areas

  • A close look at Amazon: How they do it

  • Practical techniques: Single to multi-order picking

  • Challenges: How to overcome the complexities of multichannel selling

  • Chaotic storage: What is it and how it can help you save money

  • Barcoding best practices: Techniques to integrate the technology into your warehouse

  • Real-world success stories


Troy Graham, Vice President, Business Development
Descartes Systems Group

Troy is an industry expert in logistics, warehousing, and barcode-driven technology. With an emphasis on ecommerce, warehouse automation, fulfillment and ecommerce integration, he brings over 15 years of experience to Descartes.

Johannes Panzer, Head of Industry Solutions for Ecommerce
Descartes Systems Group

Johannes is a domain expert in ecommerce fulfillment and logistics. He plays a central role in developing the to-go-market strategy and positioning for Descartes’ Ecommerce solutions globally.

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