What is a Section 321 shipment? It is a type of U.S. Customs filing for shipments valued at less than 800 U.S. dollars or less.

Ecommerce is increasing the number of these shipments and freight forwarders are tapping the profit potential. So can you! We have the secret sauce for success!

Our podcast with industry thought leader Scott Sangster details how logistics service providers can leverage Section 321 shipments without the labor of multiple filings.


  • Section 321 Shipments: What they are and how to file
  • Statistics and Trends: What the competition is doing and who is filing
  • Fines: Are there penalties for improper filing and how to avoid them
  • A Case Study: Insight on a forwarder who is maximizing the profit potential of Section 321 shipments
  • Practical Perspectives: How to file without increasing labor
  • Methodology and Solutions: Techniques to leverage technology
  • And more


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Scott Sangster, Vice President and Industry Thought Leader on Section 321 Shipments

Descartes Systems Group

Scott is an industry veteran and has worked with the Descartes solution suite for over 25 years. His experience in technology and logistics has added value in the development of solutions to help logistics service providers maximize revenue.