Descartes recently conducted our 2nd Annual Ecommerce Supply Chain & Logistics Trends Benchmark Survey, to pinpoint how leading organizations are staying competitive in an ever-changing industry. Our goal for this study was to include responses from omni-channel retailers and logistics service providers (LSPs) to discover insights on the issues and strategies most affecting to the logistics and supply chain landscape.

The results are in and we’ve analyzed the trends and relationships between the below variables, while also assessing any differing perspectives and ecommerce logistics practices across regions.

The key focus areas of our analysis include:

  • Differences between top and bottom performers and large and small companies in strategies used to remain competitive and improve logistics processes;
  • Distinctive patterns between companies that operate in the B2B sphere, the B2C market, or a blend of both;
  • Ecommerce growth statistics among participants;
  • How respondents view their competition and how they are adapting operations based on knowledge gained;
  • How respondents are leveraging technology to stay competitive and whether top performers deploy different tactics than industry laggards; and
  • The impact of regulatory changes on ecommerce decision-making.

We’ve distilled this analysis into a 60-minute web seminar, providing details to allow any type pf business to make the most well-informed decision on how best to optimize logistics and supply chain processes for ecommerce success.

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